Solar panels are extremely reliable - so reliable in fact, that it makes sense to have a solar panel maintenance contract. Why?  Because in the business of your day to day affairs, you may just forget that they are there as they work away at generating free electricity.  Although solar panels don't need a lot of maintenance they do need some - to make sure that they are generating at their maximum efficiency.

Your PV system may get by without inspection or maintenance, but your investment will be more likely to live up to expectations if it is regularly inspected. Island Energy can offer a full suite of inspection and testing services, ranging from a visual inspection by our trained installers to electrical tests of the circuits. Such maintenance will identify lingering underperformance issues as well as significant equipment failures. If required, Island Energy's technicians can then recommend and implement a solution.

Inverter Maintenance

Quality solar inverters are very reliable pieces of equipment, however they are still the main component prone to failure in a solar power system.

They have lots of small electronics in them which are being used everyday. It is important to have your inverter tested regularly to ensure these components have not failed without you noticing. Inverter failure can cost you greatly if not recognised early on. Inverters are able to be repaired by our technicians to ensure you peace of mind and high generation output.

Deep Cycle Battery Maintenance

Deep Cycle or Solar Batteries require regular maintenance as they are the most expensive components in a hybrid or off-grid system. It is critical for them to be regularly inspected to ensure that they are being charged correctly, have not been heat effected or damaged from over charging or over discharging. 

If batteries are leaking fluid they may need to be repaired or replaced to stop damage occurring to more cells in the same battery bank.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels are extremely reliable, however because it is not likely that you attend to them on a regular basis on the roof, they can fail and create "hot spots" which have the potential to be catastrophic if left unattended.

Solar Panels are tested and results are documented each service interval to compare output differences between servicing.

Island Energy provides qualified technicians to service Solar Panels, Solar Panels are  washed which helps to achieve peak generation performance from your Solar Panels.


All components in a Solar Power System should be regularly inspected to ensure safety from fires and to get the peak generation from your system. Components such as Isolators, Circuit Breakers, Cabling, Mounting Systems all need to be inspected to check for any abnormalities in their operation. 

If any of these components fail it is usually cheap to repair/replace at early detection, however if the damage is extensive it can often lead to higher costs to replace associated components that can be damaged if left un noticed.

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