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With electricity prices continuously increasing and commercial solar installation at record-low prices, there has never been a better time to go solar.

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Some of the benefits of going Solar Powered

With electricity prices continuously increasing and commercial solar installation at record-low prices, there has never been a better time to go solar. In addition to helping the environment, commercial solar installation also offers businesses like yours many advantages and competitive edge in terms of.


Reduced energy costs for years to come


Ability to reinvest your monthly savings


Positive ROI from the very beginning


Drastically reduced long-term operating costs


More financially sustainable operations


Marketing leverage

Certified to supply, install, and service the best in the solar industry.

We can design, tailor and install a system to fit your home. You will be enjoying the benefits of solar energy sooner than you think.

SMA Commercial Batteries
Fully Licensed and Certified installers of
25 Year
LG Panel Efficiency Warranty
25 Year
LG Product Warranty

Save the environment

Generating your own electricity from solar reduces your carbon footprint and could offset most, if not all, of your business’ carbon emissions.

With climate change a major topic of concern at the moment, green initiatives are a popular strategy for a business to achieve competitive advantage in their industry and strengthen relationships with their supply chain and customers.

Save the environment

Save Money

Solar panels help your business save money by generating free, green electricity to be used onsite, lowering your energy demand from the grid during daylight hours and saving you thousands of dollars every year on energy bills.

Save Money

Power Prices Increasing

Island Energy are your Commercial Solar Specialist's, we have been installing solar power since 2009  and have installed thousands of systems across the country.

If your business is in need of a quote for solar power let us design a system suited to your needs. Solar power for your business is a smart move, it helps to reduce overheads and is fully tax deductible as a depreciable asset. We can arrange tailored finance packages so that you are not out of pocket and can focus your time and energy on running your business. We take care of everything from start to finish. So why not install solar at your business?

Power Prices Increasing

Instantly cash-flow positive!

Island Energy's commercial packages can be designed and financed so that your business is instantly cash-flow positive, sometimes by up to 30%!

We design, install and commission the whole system in-house.We don't use sub contractors, this ensures you get a quality installed system at a great price!

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Instantly cash-flow positive!

Is power costing your business a fortune?

Island Energy specialises in Commercial Solar installations up to 100kW! If you are spending more than $1000 per month on power you can easily cut your energy expenses by up to 70%!

Building relations with business owners and finding solutions through dialogue and understanding, we have helped numerous business owners and operators generate positive cashflow through their investment in Commercial Solar.

Is power costing your business a fortune?

You can trust us

We are a 100% accredited and fully licensed to design, install and manage solar systems in residential, commercial and off-grid settings.

Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer
Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer
SMA PowerUp Trusted Solar Energy Partner
Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer
SELectronice Certified Installer
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