About the Solar on Camps Program

Camps and Accommodation facilities that host school groups, community and special interest groups are presented with an opportunity of a lifetime, to change the way in which they rely on grid electricity by installing a renewable energy solution at their premises and through doing so generating their own energy through Solar Panels.

The Australian Camps Association (ACA), the Peak Body for the Outdoor and Camp sector of Australia has partnered with Island Energy, a leading National renewable energy company that specialises in helping camps conduct simple green assessments and quick audits of their carbon emissions, waste management and grid reliant electricity consumption and providing solutions such as Solar PV to offset their carbon footprint as well as save thousands of dollars every year.

Top Quality Panels

At Island Energy we customise each system to suit your individual needs and budget using only the best in quality. When designing each system we take into consideration what type of panel will be used and what environment it will be in. Care is always taken to make sure each system is designed to gain maximum output based on the installation location.

When quality matters

Although we offer packages to suit all budgets, we recommend using Fronius and SMA inverter's. Both brands have built a reputation on quality and service that is paralleled by no other inverter manufacturer's in the market. They have local offices in Australia and both back their warranties in full. 

Other Services

We don't just do solar

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