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Wonthaggi Air Conditioning

Split System Air Conditioning Wonthaggi

Feel Good at Home in Wonthaggi
Relax! You are at home and it feels great, whatever the weather outside. Your discreet air conditioning is working quietly away. You hardly notice it's on, but it's creating a comfortable environment for you, your family and your friends. No more uncomfortable summer days and sticky, sleepless nights.
No more shivering winters or surprises when we have an 'unseasonal' change, like a mini-heatwave or a sudden cold snap.

Our solutions reduce your operating costs, no matter the size of your needs. 


Wonthaggi Air Conditioning Installation

Flexible installation and highly reliable equipment ensure your premises is the perfect temperature, using whisper-quiet air conditioning solutions.
Our technicians can install all types of air conditioning suited to your needs. 
We can tailor a system to suit every application, home,
the office, or business. Enquire today!
We can supply a system for you, or you can provide you own for our technicians to install for you!


Wonthaggi Air Conditioning Service

There are many activities that should be carried out during periodic maintenance and we follow best practice guidelines to deliver in this area.
Each activity is important in ensuring your air conditioning system remains operating so that it continues to create a comfortable environment, is energy efficient, and has minimal potential for failure in the future.
Island Energy carry out in depth checks over and above the required cleaning systems.


Island Energy offers products and installation of air con phillip island, air con wonthaggi, air con bass coast, air con cowes, air conditioning phillip island, air conditioning wonthaggi, air conditioning bass coast, air conditioning cowes. We can also offer split system phillip island, split system wonthaggi, split system bass coast, split system cowes as well as LG air conditioning, and LG split system air conditioners.

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