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We don't have any "Off The Shelf" packages because they just don't work....
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Off Grid Solutions

Island Energy has partnered with major brands to bring you the complete off grid, transportable power plant!
We can fully customise your off grid package to suit the application it is intended for. If you are building a new home in a remote area and would like to integrate an off grid package or if you are just sick of paying power bills and would like a system to go off grid, we can do it all!

We have recently deigned our new Eco Pod Energy systems which are fully customisable and come in a range of sizes and spec's.
They are built at our factory before being delivered to site and commission all within a couple of days to give you instant power, all year round!

Eco Pod Energy packages are transportable Australia wide and suitable for a range of applications:
- Domestic
- Commercial
- Rural
- Mining
- Temporary power
- Water pumping
- Communications

This is the quickest way to get reliable, renewable energy to suit your application in remote areas

If you would like to know more about these packages, or any off grid package to suit your needs please Contact Us

QLD Off-Grid Solar

Off Grid Batteries

Deep cycle lead-acid batteries are commonly used for off-grid solar & wind power systems. We also offer LG Chem RESU Lithium Battery technology with our packages. Lithium Ion batteries have come a long way reliability and development in the last couple of years, they are now an affordable, reliable alternative to Lead Acid.

Off-grid Inverter

Off-grid inverters are slightly different to grid tie inverters, they allow you to charge batteries and draw from the solar panels depending on demand.
They self regulate and will also call upon your generator to start automatically when needed. They are an impressive piece of kit!

Solar Panels

The solar panels used in an off-grid or standalone system are identical to that used in a conventional grid tied system.
We use high quality 250w panels and can arrange an array size that suits your budget and needs.

Backup Generator

Unfortunately there are times when the sun doesn't shine, and if this occurs for more than a few days you may need another source of power to keep things moving!
A backup generator can be spec'd to suit your budget and needs.
We offer a full range of petrol or diesel generators and service to all units as well!

An off-grid solar system (off-the-grid, standalone) is an alternative to one that is grid-tied. For homeowners that have access to the grid, off-grid solar systems are usually out of question. If you have access to the grid you would probably be more interested in checking out our hybrid-systems.
Off-grid solar is for customers who are either looking to become completely independent from the corporate power companies or too far from power transmission that it becomes more economical to to stand-alone.
Off-Grid systems use a combination of Solar Panels, Solar Batteries, an off-grid inverter and a backup generator.
These components combined allow you to generate your own electricity 365 days a year without fear of ever being left in the dark.
Our stand alone systems are custom designed to suit the requirements of each individual's needs and budget.
Feel free to contact us for a chat about going off the grid!
Island Energy are your solar power and solar installer professionals. Offering premium solar power solutions using SMA Sunny boy, SMA Sunny Island, LG RESU battery, Lithium battery, Tesla battery, off grid solar power and commercial solar packages. LG NeoN2 and LG NeON 2 solar panels along with LG solar panels and SMA inverters and SMA solar inverter. Fronius solar inverter installers are all premium services and products offered by Island Energy Solar Power Installers. Off Grid Solar Power installers are premium solar installers here at island energy. Off Grid solar power, island energy are your off grid solar panel professionals and off grid solar installers

Off grid solar installations and off grid solar power is solar panel installed by island energy using LG Chem lithium batteries for off grid solar install. SMA Sunny Island off grid inverter and Selectronic off grid inverter are used by island energy in all off grid solar power installs. When going off the grid for an off grid solar power system contact island energy for going off grid. Off grid solar power is the best way to save money and by using lead acid solar batteries off grid you will get a great system using sma sunny island off grid inverter and selectronic off grid systemsIsland energy is queensland off grids premier solar installer, your local solar specialist’s established in 2009 we have been around queensland off grid solar power for years. Queensland off grid solar panels and queensland off grid solar panels are our specialty Island Energy installs solar power products for solar queensland off grid and solar queensland off grid also solar queensland off grid as well as solar queensland. Island energy also offers services for solar power queensland off grid and solar power queensland off grid as well as solar power queensland off grid. Queensland off grid solar power, queensland off grid solar power, queensland solar power. Queensland solar power and Queensland solar installers can have your solar power installed in Queensland and process all the solar rebates for you. So go on, get your Solar Power Queensland.All solar power installed in Queensland is installed like all Queensland solar power should be. By Clean Energy Council Accredited Solar Power Installers. Queensland off grid solar panels and queensland off grid solar power installers are always trusted. Island energy is queensland off grid trusted solar installers. Installing solar power in queensland off grid is a smart thing to do, we suggest premium solar panels along with your solar inverter when installing solar queensland off grid. All island energy solar installers are clean energy council accredited and certified so you can trust the all solar in queensland is going to be high quality solar panels. Queensland off grid solar power and queensland off grid solar panels are installed by island energy in queensland off grid all year around. We specialise in queensland solar power, queensland off grid solar power, queensland solar batteries.Island Energy is queensland solar installer and queensland solar panel and queensland solar power specialists

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