Unlock the benefits of Battery Storage

Your energy savings are just beginning when you install solar panels, and there are plenty more benefits to be had once you’ve started generating your own electricity.

RedEarth's industry-leading storage solutions mean you can store the excess power generated during the day, and use it later when you need it.

As well as reducing your carbon footprint and adding value to your property, your RedEarth system has the potential to transform your energy bills into income.


A ready-to-install, large scale off-grid solution suitable for commercial operations.

Ready to be delivered and deployed anywhere - Magpie is a ready-to-install energy storage system that can cover a variety of uses in 50kW or 100kW power output versions, with battery storage capacity starting from a minimum 80kWh.

Primarily designed for off-grid and also suitable for grid-connected applications, it is fully rated to be installed outdoors. This scalable and modular solution to integrate multiple power sources including solar, wind turbines and generators.

Magpie includes batteries, battery inverters (PCS), Solar PV MPPT input, HVAC, fire protection, and auxiliary components.

Additional solar PV inverters can be AC coupled, along with other components designed to improve your ROI. All systems are tested and pre-assembled by RedEarth’s engineers and electricians, and can be remotely operated through our smart monitoring software.

80kWh Battery Storage RedEarth Magpie for Commercial and Industrial - Island Energy



A ready-to-install, large scale off-grid solution suitable large homes for commercial operations.

DropBear’s fully integrated system offers a hybrid versatility that keeps you connected to the grid while remaining independent of it. It can even connect to a generator if you want to keep that option open.

Installation can be in any sheltered area, and the system includes our advanced remote monitoring system, giving you access directly from your mobile device; or, you can ask for RedEarth’s continuous monitoring service, leaving a low margin for error.

Pre-wired for PV panels and AC input, DropBear is easy to install – all you have to do is add some batteries. The system can take up to 14 of RedEarth’s own Clean Energy Council-listed Troppo batteries, so you can start small and grow your storage later, based on your changing needs.

60kWh Battery Storage RedEarth Dropbear for Large homes and Businesses- Island Energy



An outdoor solution for your home or small business
RedEarth’s SunRise Maxi energy storage system is designed to be fully autonomous and provide solar and battery power in the most efficient way possible.

With an outdoor-rating that means it can be installed outside, SunRise Maxi can be retrofitted to your existing solar system. The system is scalable, so you can start small and add more batteries to it later as your needs grow and budget allows.

With a low entry price, SunRise Maxi also qualifies for government rebates and loans to help you say goodbye to bill shock and get started on your energy bill savings sooner.

27kWh Battery Storage RedEarth Sunrise Maxi for Homes - Island Energy


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