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Going Solar with Island Energy!

Firstly I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this and allowing us to set up a proposal for Solar Power to suit your needs.

We are a family owned and operated company operating in Victoria and Queensland.

Island Energy was founded by my Father and I in 2009, when we saw an emerging market and an opportunity to have a positive impact on the environment by helping our customers install Solar Power on their homes and business’.

We have installed thousands of solar systems over the years and built up a reputation on reliability, quality and trust.
Using teams of Clean Energy Council accredited Electrician’s and apprentice’s to install our systems, you can rest assured that our systems are installed by true Solar professionals.

The solar industry is full of information, some of it credible and a lot of it not-so credible, so here are a few pointers to consider when purchasing solar power.

Cheaper is (not) better

The first thing I want to point out is that if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

At Island Energy we only use high quality, reputable brands in all our systems, which have offices and tech support in Australia and are not distributed by an importer. This is important because if things go wrong and a warranty claim is required we can get things repaired/replaced almost immediately.

Some of the cheaper brands not mentioned further down are distributed by sole importer’s who will not honor the warranty of the products (panels or inverter). Or they disappear off the face of the planet when they have sold out of their cheap container load of equipment, and will direct you back to the Chinese manufacturer for all warranty claims.

When this happens, you will be left without solar power generation for months and in many cases you will be forced to purchase a new inverter or panels to get your system up and running again.

We know this because we have had to replace many cheap inverters and panels for our customers who installed their systems with a cheaper company, which then goes bust after a couple of years and they are left with cheap/failing components with no warranty backup.

So be careful, a cheap system now may cost you a lot more later on!

German Made?

Another myth is panel and inverter country of manufacture.
Many sales people (usually door to door sales, who are working on commission for every sale) will tell you anything to get a sale across the line.
I have had many potential clients go with another installer and pay over double what we had quoted them because;
“The man who came to see us said that his panels were made in Germany and so was his inverter, we have heard German stuff is better so went with him instead”

I have heard this a countless number of times, and it is usually a blatant lie.

For example; Canadian solar panels are not made in Canada, they are made in China, just like 99% of everything else in the solar industry these days.

Solar panels and Inverter’s advertised as “German” are usually only either owned by a German company or where originally Designed or Manufactured by a German company, but are now made in China with cheaper labour and materials. So do your research! (Don’t trust a door to door salesman’s word)

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Solar products that come out of China, as long as they are tested and manufactured to stringent quality controls and made with quality components, and may brands are not! If a brand is not listed in the below table I would advise not to have it installed.


Rebates are another high pressure sales tactic that dodgy sales people will use to get your business.
They will tell you: “the rebates are about to end soon, so hurry and sign up today before it’s too late
”This is rubbish, there is a set mandate and a Gov budget for solar rebates, and yes it will end eventually, but there is no rush when making such a large investment decision.

I never mention rebates to my customers, because I believe that when purchasing solar you should be focused on the product you are buying, not the high pressure and complex understanding of the rebate scheme.

Rebates are included in every solar sale and should be discounted from the price.
All Island Energy’s prices already include the rebate, which is discounted from the price before you even see it.
This is to simplify things, because you should only be concerned with what the system will cost you. Don’t be pressured into a sale with the threat of rebates!


There are hundreds of different panels available on the market, and not all are equal, this table shows the most reputable and trusted brands in Australia.
If you are considering installing any panels other than the ones listed below be very careful and do your research. We only recommend using the listed brands.

This is an extract from “SolarQuotes – Solar 101 Beginners Guide”


There are many different inverter’s and inverter manufacturer’s.
You can choose to use micro inverter’s (one small inverter clipped to the back of the panel), or you can use a single common inverter, which is mounted on the wall (the most common type).

Micro inverter’s are good for shady areas with lots of tree coverage but apart from that I would suggest to avoid them.
When installing micro inverter’s on the roof instead of having one electronic device, which are prone to failure by nature, you have 10-20 on your roof in the harshest environment possible. (Heat/Rain/Cold).

Wall mounted inverter’s are a better option in most cases, you can keep an eye on them to make sure they are producing power and far easier to access.

Here is a list of different inverter brands, each of them have their place in the market and are priced accordingly.
The major difference between manufacturers is build quality, the more you pay - the higher quality inverter you get.
Below is a good guide of popular inverter manufacturer’s and where they sit in the market.
This is an extract from “SolarQuotes – Solar 101 Beginners Guide”


When installing with Island Energy you will be getting the right product at the right price to suit your budget.
We tailor make all our system’s to suit your needs and only use high quality components.

If you have any questions regarding the above information, or the Estimate’s that have been provided to you by us or our competitors please don’t hesitate to contact me personally for a chat and to clear things up!

Thanks for your time,
We look forward to doing business with you soon!

Kai Summerfield
Director – Island Energy

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