Be aware!

If you have been door knocked by a sales company pushing solar this may be cause for alarm!
Credible Solar Companies rarely (if ever) door knock residential properties.
Often door knocking salesman are paid commission on each sale and the prices are hugely inflated so they can get their slice of the pie.
They will sell you ANYTHING to make a dollar.
They do not have solar knowledge, just sales tactics to get you to sign on the dotted line.

I have already paid a deposit, is it too late?


Often door knocking salesman will sell you an inferior product (budget or cheap chinese products) and market them as being PREMIUM - this is how they get their fat slice of the sales pie.

If you have been quoted on a system higher than $6,000 say NO!

Only premium products should cost more than this - and door to door salesman rarely sell premium products.
If you have been quoted LESS THAN $3,500 say NO!
Products available below $3,500 are rubbish.
They will be in landfill within 5 years - history has already proven this.
Every year we remove 100's of solar panels from roofs and send them to land fill after replacing them with new high quality products - along with replacing cheap, poor quality chinese inverters.
It is really important to get your system right - by using a credible CEC Approved Retailer.

If you are feeling ripped off contact Island Energy and we will help you!

You can still get out of your contract.
In Australia there is a "cooling off period" for contracts signed - you can get out and get your deposit back in most cases.
And if you can't get your deposit back - you are often better off cancelling and saving in the long run anyway!
Door to door salesman are NOT solar designers, they are NOT electricians, they are saturating areas and going for volume sales.


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