A photovoltaic system on the roof or in an open space of a company is a profitable investment that helps to permanently reduce energy costs. This is because self-generated solar power is the cheapest form of energy.

Fronius Tauro 50kW - 100kW Inverter

The three-phase Fronius Tauro in the 50 to 100 kW power classes promises maximum performance, even under the harshest conditions. With its smart hardware design, it not only contributes to BOS cost optimisation, but also offers unprecedented flexibility in system design. With the Fronius Tauro, both centralised (P variant) and decentralised system designs (D variant) can be implemented. Simplest installation and the fastest service on the market also guarantee maximum safety.

Fronius Tauro 50kW - 100kW Inverter on a Ground Mount Solar System - Island Energy

Fronius Tauro 50kW - 100kW Inverter on a commercial tourism company - Island Energy

Moreover, investing in photovoltaics is a sustainable measure that is playing an increasingly important role in communication and cooperation with customers and partners.

Fronius Solutions Partner - Island Energy

Island Energy is a endorsed Fronius Solutions Partner


  • Lower energy costs – Self-produced solar power is extremely cost-effective and reduces the need for expensive grid power
  • Reduce CO2 – Photovoltaics are a cost-effective means of implementing CO2 targets.
  • Invest strategically – Sustainable energy supply is a topic that can have a positive impact in communications.

How a photovoltaic system works

Solar Modules - How it works with Island Energy

Solar modules

Solar modules can be installed on roofs as well as in open spaces and generate electrical energy when exposed to the sun.

This energy is transferred to the inverter.

Inverter - How it works with Island Energy


The inverter is the control centre of every photovoltaic system.

It converts the generated direct current into alternating current, optimises the yield, regulates energy flows and checks the function of the system.

Fronius Smart Meter - How it works with Island Energy

Fronius Smart Meter

In order to use the self-generated energy in the most effective way, it is important to be able to read out all energy flows.

The Fronius Smart Meter takes care of this.

By recording the load curve, it lays the foundation for meaningful energy management and thus for increasing solar self-consumption.

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